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Bringing 18 years of global experience to transform your business to the digital world

Businesses in Australia and around the world are on a quest to providing superior and cutting edge experience to their growing breed of digital customers. This calls for pushing the envelope and looking at digital technology solutions in a whole new way. The conventional IT approach is turning digital and we have been at forefront of this charge for more than a decade and half, well before coining of the term Digital Transformation.


Our Offerings

Digital Business Transformation to create a roadmap and business models

Digital Business Transformation

Our experience of working across many different industries and understanding of people, processes and digital technology landscape gives us the ability to understand your business, your customers and work with your teams to create a roadmap and business models. Our digital transformation consulting is practical, innovative, focused on based growth hacking ideas.

Our UI/UX experts develop meaningful design for your business interactions

UI/UX Design

Developing competitive separation requires the businesses to get ideas to life and do it fast and deliver smart. From rapid prototyping to creating meaningful interactions across your business’s new omnichannel journey, we act as the architects of this journey. User Interface and User experience are at the heart of this and our UI/UX experts lead the charge

Our digital technology engineers and develpers build applications on latest technologies


We cover the length and breadth of digital technology engineering and solutions development. Our engineering and development efforts help create digitally enhanced omnichannel experiences. Building applications for the cloud covering process automation solutions, e-commerce solutions, customer engagement solutions, digital content management and much more. From the web to the mobile application space we help you leverage the latest technologies.

Our engineers understand the cloud ecosystem and build the right environment for your digital applications

Cloud Engineering

The cloud is here to say and its positive impact on companies, markets is only going to get more significant. It is important to understand the cloud ecosystem and how to get the best out this fundamentally different digital environment. We deliver the expertise on infrastructure automation and software architecture to help you build the right cloud environment for your digital applications and experiences to work and deliver.

Neuronimbus provide services such as cloud migration strategy, risk mitigation & workload migration in Australia

Cloud Migration and DevOps

Moving to the cloud is not a simple tick in the box activity. It involves careful planning, attention to details. In addition to that there needs to be an environment of continuous delivery that makes the transition and sustenance and growth on cloud, possible. We cover services like cloud migration strategy, risk mitigation and workload migrations. For continuous delivery DevOps services are offered covering monitoring, logging, performance and the use of a practice of infrastructure as a code.


Our Clients

Business consulting company providing cloud engineering expertise and services

Business Consulting

Working with a Tier 1 business consulting firm as their digital transformation partners and providing cloud engineering expertise and services across multiple key projects

  • Cloud engineering expertise
Australia leading health insurance provider

Health Insurance

Australia leading health insurance provider

  • AWS Serverless Deployment
  • API Creation
  • Data Engineering & ETL
  • Data Migration
  • Atlassian Suite
General insurance company provides DevOps Administration, Testing & AWS Automation in Australia

General Insurance

Tier 1 general insurance company

  • Atlassian Suite
  • Test Automation
  • AWS Automation
  • DevOps Administration
Our experts implement DevOps Practices and 24x7 Operations Management services in banking industry


One of the top 4 banks in the country

  • 24 x 7 Operations Management
  • DevOps Practices Implementation
  • Centralized Code and Release Management
Data Engineering for leading news and publishing company


Leading news and publishing company

  • Data Engineering & ETL
  • API Development
  • Big Query ML and TensorFlow
Public Energy Company

Public Energy

A listed public energy company

  • IoT Device Schedule Automation
  • AWS Serverless Setup
  • DevOps Tool Creation and Management
Government - Data Platform on GCP with Advanced Analytics


A public services department

  • Data Platform on GCP with Advanced Analytics
Multi-Cloud Data Reconciliation services for financial institutions in Australia

Financial Services

One of the four largest financial institutions in Australia

  • Data Platform on GCP and AWS
  • Multi-Cloud Data Reconciliation
Setup of Build and Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps Migrate Existing Applications to new Pipelines


A leading electricity producer and retailer

  • Setup of Build and Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Migrate Existing Applications to new Pipelines
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